Yoga & Fitness clothing brand MUTA is a co-project of visual arts two representatives of Paula Pelse and Klavs Loris. The project was established in August 2014, although the origin dates back to a series of large format paintings which were created as a mutation from one to another. This is where the name MUTA was born – it explains and reflects the processes of art, music and nature in which every new beginning starts from the previous as everything develops and mutates. It’s a magic and cosmic feeling.

MUTA project is like a reflection of art and nature – each work and clothing graphics are inspired by private photos taken in travels all around the globe and Latvia. The works of art printed on shirts and leggings present images of Australia’s rainforests, Portugal’s coast, African deserts and Sicilian volcano, as well as the still mysterious forests and waters in Latvia.

ORIGINS 2016 from MAMUTU on Vimeo.