YOGA / FITNESS leggings "SOIL"

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The sportswear collection ORIGINS for women has been created for an active lifestyle in both open-air and gym. This sportswear is fit for various activities and challenges starting from Sun Salutation on yoga mat early in the morning, regular run in the park, to high intensity gym workout or dream of reaching rocky mountain peaks. Nature, air, movement, art — it is all reflected in the new collection to make the wearer free and inspired.

82% polyester, 18% elastane. The fabric is elastic and tight-fitting, providing for free and comfortable movements. Thanks to the elasticity and fabric’s ability to retain its structure, leggings will not lose their form also after wearing and washing. Fabric density ensures that leggings are not transparent.

LONG — 31" inseam / 79 cm (for all sizes)
REGULAR — 28" inseam / 71 cm (for all sizes)

Made in Latvia