Hi, Firstly, thank you for your time that you have devoted to browse through MUTA website and read our story!

Therefore, shortly about us...


Our goal is to make active lifestyle comfort and self-confidence easily achievable.

MUTA is a true hobby and passion for 3 women. The founder of the brand that is an energetic human soul and a true inspiration for us – Paula, new idea generator, creator Annija, that’s a hardworking mom that we look up to and the youngest soul of the team Klaudija that seeks new experiences, new opportunities and always brings positivity and drive to the table. Together we wanted to create products that would allow everyone to feel comfortable while still being in a movement as it is an important part of our everyday life.


our body and mind!


We are extremely passionate about our products and support each other as best as we can! Paula started this brand because of her love towards yoga. When remembering it now, it was more about the connection with people, creating a family! Everything is in a process, like a MUTA-tion, therefore, we allow things to happen and we change together with them! We want to be a small part of the change in each!

Share your feelings, memories, ideas with us! We will be waiting!

How to do it? That’s something that you need to discover! For Paula those are regular physical activities, Annija always appreciates a good quality time with her family, while Klaudija loves to walk and hike. For everyone it is something a bit different, however we are so happy that we can share these moments by being in MUTA organic cotton! What an amazing feeling is that you can share a picture of your “red-ish” face or a new discovered hike.